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Posted by Richard Cockrum on November 6, 2008

Free at last.
Free at last.

For quite a while most of the sites I manage have been using Habari. All but one, my main blog, Shards of Consciousness, which has remained on WordPress. Shards, like this site, has been sadly neglected, in no small part due to having to use both WordPress and Habari.

As of last night, that has changed and Shards has been migrated to use Habari, living on the same installation as most of my other sites. The one difference is that I've used MySQL for Shards' backend rather than SQLite, partly because Shards gets a lot more readers than my other sites, and partly to gain experience using it.

The issue that was holding me back from using Habari for Shards was the lack of podcasting support. As with most things, and thankfully so, podcasting isn't built into the core of Habari and creating a suitable plugin wasn't a high priority for most of us since most people don't podcast. Habari being an open source project, in large part individuals work on what interests them, which is as it should be. Owen Winkler, with input from the community, had created the basic outline needed for podcasting, but an outline doesn't mean fully functional.

Finally, though, the Habari podcast plugin has reached a usable state. It has rough edges, particularly the player which lacks something visually and in terms of configurability, and stats, which are non-existent. On the other hand, creating a podcast is, as they say, drop dead easy, with full support for iTunes. In particular, the plugin automatically calculates the podcast's size and time length, and is integrated in Habari's media silo, though you can also use audio files stored on other servers, such as LibSyn.

Joy of joys, free at last!

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Wow! I am surprised every time I look at the podcast plugin, but I had no idea it had come along so far. I haven't tried it (or your podcast feed) yet, but I plan to do so very soon. Nifty!

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