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What I Don't Like About Habari

Posted by Richard Cockrum on January 23, 2008

There are also several thing I don't like about Habari

  • It isn't able to do podcasts. For a long time, this will be a showstopper for me to transfer my main blog, Shards of Consciousness, to Habari. Until there is a plugin comparable to Podpress, Shards will be staying on it's current platform.
  • The WordPress importer isn't quite done, yet. For example, you can now add two users with the same name and password. Also, the nicename for your WordPress categories isn't imported, so the slug is used for both the tag slug and text, and drafts are imported as published posts.
  • The metaweblog plugin doesn't do pages. This isn't the fault of Habari, but appears to be a result of the metaweblog api. This limitation can be worked around be adding to the api as WordPress did. If I had my druthers, you would be able to add, delete, and edit posts, pages, and tags through the metaweblog api.

Fortunately, as I said in an earlier post, Habari is in an early stage of development. The main developers are responsive to feature requests and bug reports. These should all be fixed before an actual release.

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It's posts like this, and the community's response to them, that will help make Habari better, so kudos for rolling that ball.

Podcasting is one of the major goals of the 0.5 release, which is slated for 15 May. If you're a podcaster, your input would be hugely appreciated. Habari is also a gold sponsor of this year's Ohio PodCamp, so it's being taken pretty seriously.

Importers and open source, a funny mix. Open source is driven by people scratching their own itch, but importers tend to run only once, not day after day, so if it works once, it's done. I'll admit that while I was importing from my WordPress blog I did a bit of work on the importer to make it do what I wanted, and haven't looked at it much since, my interest overtaken by other things. If there are specific issues you've seen, it would be great if you opened tickets for them, because all the tickets do get looked at.

As for the metaweblog API, I personally hope that AtomPub support, both on the client and server side, will make it irrelevant. I'd be much happier to ensure that Habari's AtomPub implementation was complete and able to do everything you want (and, if I get time, make sure that the client landscape is rich too), than concentrate on metaweblog. But that's just me.

Let's try this again. I wrote a long reply, then submitted it, and received an "This action is forbidden" error!

I was glad to see Habari sponsoring Ohio PodCamp. It gives a kick in the pants to get things going with developing podcasting support for Habari. I haven't added to that conversation yet because the wishlist expressed in the ticket on easy podcasting contained what I would like to see, probably in a plugin. On WordPress I use PodPress. A plugin comparable to it would please me to no end.

I understand what you're saying about scratching your own itch. The software I've developed, I did so to meet my own needs. Funny thing is, making it available to the public made it better, more rounded software. More eyes do make for better software.

No. Importers don't run frequently. I don't think I've used it since shortly after I wrote this post. Some improvements have been made to it since then, I know. I'll check to see if there's a ticket about the tags.

I know all the tickets get looked at. I've filed several, and have been fortunate to have several patches I've submitted accepted. I'll be glad when I know more about php and web programming in general so I can help more.

Unfortunately, one for the autop() function hasn't worked as well as it seemed as shown by a ticket submitted yesterday about it.

I'm afraid the metaWeblog api won't become irrelevant. The client landscape for Atom publishing is too sparse . I do most of my work using portable apps. I only found one Atom client that would run portably, a plugin for Firefox called Atomojo. It wouldn't let me publish anything. That may be related to the ticket you put in about php running as a cgi process, since my host runs php5 as a fcgi process. But there are a lot of clients supporting the metaWeblog api. They do need to be supported properly within the limits of the api. I've already submitted one ticket regarding tags for it. I have a couple more that I'll be putting in.

Finally, thanks for the welcome you've given me to the Habari community, Michael. I've never been involved in an open source project before. I appreciate it.

Ouch. I just got a "Selected action is forbidden" error too. Very sad.

"The client landscape for Atom publishing is too sparse."

That's what I was hinting at in my parentheses; there are too few clients. Creating a client is on my list of things to do (but to be fair, there are a lot of things on my list of things to do). I wasn't meaning that metaweblog will be irrelevant tomorrow, but I do hope it will be irrelevant in two years. While I've written one patch for the plugin, metaweblog doesn't interest me personally, but the plugin got written, so someone's interested.

And you're welcome for the welcome! The Habari community is richer for your presence.

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