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Users Prefer Vista

Posted by Richard Cockrum on April 24, 2008

I use a lot of Microsoft tools. I've used Windows for years. I use Visual C++. I like the programs that you can get for Windows.

That doesn't mean I'm a fan of the company. For instance, I have a laptop with Windows XP. My wife has a desktop that came with Vista.

Vista sucks. It is slow to load. It's resource intensive. The new menu is non-intuitive. The new explorere interface is poor. The overzealous attempts at out of the box security make running programs irritating due to the little 'you have to run this as administrator' dialog that pops up whenever you want to do any system changes, even when you are the administrator. (And yes, I know you can turn it off, but it is a pain.)

Today Wired is reporting that Microsoft may keep XP available after June 30, 2008, but Steve Ballmer insists that most people buy Vista, with the implication they prefer it.

Sorry, Steve. Most people buy Vista because you've driven it to the manufacturers and we don't have a choice. Put 10 computers on the shelf, half with XP and half with Vista, then see which one people prefer.

Vista with the Aero interface enabled is prettier than XP, but I'd rather have a responsive, non-irritating system than a prettier face.

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3 Responses to Users Prefer Vista

I honestly *like* Vista. Improvements to the scheduling in the kernel have really decreased the amount of waiting for programs to cache and reboot time, not to mention I can actually use 64 bit native on a ton of apps without sacrificing anything. I don't have any program incompatibilities, and I'm very excited about Server 2008 Core.

My LenovoT61 laptop dual boots Debian Sid x32 and Vista x64, 2G of RAM. I spend the majority of my time in Debian, where Compiz is a bit laggy from the Quadro NVS Mobile video card.

My desktop also dual boots Vista x64 and Debian x64. The Nvidia 8500 and 4G of RAM make both Vista and Debian a lot snappier.

The new VMWare, unfortunately, doesn't work so well in Vista x64. I have to deal with Microsoft's own Virtual PC if I want to virtualize a quick LAMP.

Overall, I get better performance, more consistent resource usage and native 64 bit support.

I couldn't be happier. ;)


I'm glad to hear Vista is working well for you. I really I am. From what I've read on the web and experienced here at home you may be in the minority, though.

Part of my wife's problem may be she only has 1G of RAM, the bare minimum you need to run Vista decently. The other things I detailed are based on my personal preferences.

One actual problem I've seen that I didn't mention and should have is that my wife's Vista keeps losing drives. Not the hard drive, but the DVD drive and the various memory card slots she has keep disappearing. I have to go into the registry on a regular basis to remove filters that keep getting put into place that cause these drives to not register. Whether this is the fault of Vista, her hardware, or the programs she has installed, I don't know. I do know this is something that has never happend to me on XP.

Thanks for stopping in. :)

FWIW, 32 bits has addresses for ~4GB of memory. Thus Elijah is gaining nothing from x64 everything on the two machines he lists, except a host of driver and application incompatibilities.

In general, the textbook-definition "user" is the last fellow you want to ask about software quality.

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