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The Humble var_dump

June 3, 2008

There are a several of plugins available for Habari to deal with spam. Most people seem to prefer the ones that use outside services such as Aksimet and Defensio. I don't like relying on outside services so I rely on the simple spamchecker plugin that comes with Habari and the simple blacklist checker. The concept behind the simple blacklist plugin … Read more...

SEO and MetaKeywords 0.1

March 31, 2008

If your blog is anything like mine, almost half your readers or more arrive from a search engine. They went to Google, or Yahoo, or MSN, typed in a word or phrase they wanted to learn more about, and were shown a list of pages that related to that word or phrase. They clicked on a page that looked interesting … Read more...

A Small Orange Rocks

March 18, 2008

One problem I've been having with Habari is that the xml-rpc mechanism relies on mbstring support being compiled in to PHP. Unfortunately, my host, A Small Orange, for some reason didn't have mbstring support in PHP 5, though they do include it in PHP 4. Read more...