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Sitemaps for Google

Posted by Richard Cockrum on April 7, 2008

If you've been blogging for any length of time, you know that a good part of your visitors will come from searching Google. That is, as long as Google knows about your site.

One good way to make sure that Google knows about your site and all the pages that it contains is to submit a sitemap to the search engine. The sitemap is an xml file that contains the url of each of your pages along with the date it was last modified. The sitemap can also contain some other optional information, but these two things are the most important. The sitemap contains a list of all the pages on your site so Google is able to index it completely.

The first thing you need to do is create a sitemap. You can do so by hand. I used to do so until I began using first WordPress, then Habari. Much easier is to let a tool generate the sitemap for you. There is an excellent plugin for Habari called, logically enough, Sitemaps. You can download Sitemaps from the Habari Project's distribution directory. Simply install Sitemaps in your plugin directory and activate it, then whenever anyone looks for your sitemap the plugin generates it for you.

The next thing you have to do is tell Google about your sitemap. You can do so by going to Google Webmaster Tools, claiming your site, then telling Google the location of your sitemap. That's it. From now on Google will periodically retrieve your sitemap and step through it, travelling through each page in your site, and following the links that each page contains. Assuming you have content, your pages should show up more frequently in search results, higher in search results, and you'll end up with more readers.

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