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Posted by Richard Cockrum on April 30, 2008

The three plugins I had written - MetaDescription, MetaTitle, and MetaKeywords - are no longer available from this site, nor are they supported.

I combined their functions into one plugin, Meta SEO, and contributed it to the Habari Community. You can download it from the Habari Plugins repository.

Before I contributed it I added the fourth leg of functionality that I see as a necessity for any SEO plugin that affects the html meta tags. This is the ability to add a robot tag to tell the search engines whether or not to index a page, and whether or not to follow the links on a page. By default, Meta SEO tells search engines to follow all links, but to index only the home page, and individual posts and static pages. This eliminates the possibility of duplicate content being an issue due to the indexing of the various types of archive pages that Habari makes available.

There are further features planned for the Meta SEO plugin. I would like to

  • Add a configuration option to manually input the keywords for the home page.
  • Add a configuration option to allow the user to decide which page types to index and on which page types to follow the links.
  • Add a field to the publish page to manually enter a description for the entry.
  • Add a field to the publish page to manually enter the keywords for the entry.

I hope you find the plugin useful. Any bug reports and feature requests can be made on the Habari Extras Trac pagewhere either I or other interested members of the community will attend to them.

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