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markUp - A New Habari Plugin

Posted by Richard Cockrum on May 20, 2008

jQuery is a popular Javascript library that sees a lot of use in web programming. It simplifies many scripting tasks and is easily extensible with plugins.

One of the plugins I ran across recently is markItUp!. markItUp! was created by Jay Salvat as a "universal markup editor". Depending on the settings you open it with, markItUp! can be used to edit with Html, Textile, Wiki Syntax, Markdown, BBcode, or even your own text markup language.

This site uses Habari as it's engine. Now Habari has several nice wysiwyg editor plugins, including TinyMCE, jWysiwyg, and NicEdit. However, I'd rather be able to see what markup is being put in the source when I write, so I've been using Habari's built-in editor, which is just a text area you type in. Any tags, you have to enter yourself.

But I'm lazy. Or, if you want to put it politely, I will optimize my productivity when possible. While I don't want want wysiwyg, I'm more than willing to let software do the work of putting in tags for me. When I found markItUp! it seemed the perfect candidate to become a markup plugin for Habari. Using the example of the jWysiwyg plugin, I was able to do so in fairly quick order. After contacting the author and Elijah at NumberBox, who had also worked on a markItUp! plugin for Habari, markUp is now in Habari's -extras repository for the community of Habari users.

markUp Editor

Download markUp. Test drive it. Suggest improvements, or better yet, add them. :)

3 Responses to markUp - A New Habari Plugin

1. Any reason you haven't linked in this plugin in the plugins page.

2. The plugin you have written seems more well done since all it's contents is put in one place, instead of 2 places like the habarit plugin.

Hi Cristobal,

Thank you for the compliment.

This is the Habari markUp plugin. After it was functioning well I donated it to the community for further improvement. The source code is viewable at Habari-Extras. The download link at the end of this post is for a zip file of the plugin from Habari-Extras.

Most of the plugins linked on the wiki plugins page are maintained and hosted by their author. Most of the plugins in Habari-Extras are not linked there. They can be downloaded from the plugin distribution page. One day we will have a more sensible, user-friendly mode of distribution. People are working on getting that together.

What I would like to see is markItUp! applied to comment forms, maybe add it as an option in configuration. It would also be nice to have the css and js not inline (I mean the small part in action_admin_footer($theme)
Otherwise it's great! Thanks for your good work :)

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