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Live With Another Habari Site

Posted by Richard Cockrum on March 10, 2008

Last night I finally went live with another site on Habari, Cockrum Publishing, the main site of this blog.

This installation is a multiple site install. Both Cockrum Publishing and Sag Rising are using the same Habari installation. Both are using SQLite as the database back end. I just built the site locally, uploaded the database and config files after setting up multisite directories as I described in How to Use Habari to Run Multiple Sites, and there it was, good to go.

These two factors, the ability to easily run multiple sites on one installation and the ability to use SQLite, are two of the main reasons I became interested in Habari to begin with. It's good to see the promise coming to fruition.

WordPress MU, eat your heart out. :)

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4 Responses to Live With Another Habari Site

Welcome to the dark side. Or the bright side. I guess thats greatly depending on who you ask. Either way, glad to have you on board!

Actually, once I figured out that you have to name the site's directory exactly the same as the site's url, it was easy. I put what I found out in the wiki page.

Thanks, Christian. The combination of easy multi-sites and the chance to use SQLite is what drew me the most. The chance to make a contribution and learn from/talk to the people involved has kept me her.

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