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Keep Your Database Purring

Posted by Richard Cockrum on May 17, 2008

When we're blogging, one of the things we don't tend to think about is the state of our database. As with the oil in our car, as long as it works, we tend to ignore it.

But, as with the oil in our car, ignore it too long and we can run into trouble. Databases, like anything permanent on a computer, are basically files on a storage medium. Files, as they are used, become fragmented. As we add to them, take away from them, change them, they get shifted around. They grow. They shrink. Parts are stored here. Other parts are stored there. Some part move.

Day by day, things begin to slow down. In the worst case, fragments get lost.

Not a good thing.

Enter the Database Optimizer plugin for Habari, available in the Habari plugins directory.

The database optimizer sets up your site so that once a week it is optimized. The database is rewritten so all file fragments are once again contiguous, free space is reclaimed, and depending on the database being used, indexes rewritten. Your site will be faster. Your database will take less room on your storage media.

So go ahead now. Download the Database Optimizer plugin. Activate it. Rest easy knowing your blog is being properly maintained.

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