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John Edwards' Infidelity

Posted by Richard Cockrum on August 11, 2008

As I was driving home from work today I listened to the news on National Public Radio (NPR) as I usually do. They were reading comments they had received from listeners about a story regarding the public announcement that yes, Senator John Edwards had an extra-marital affair.

As one listener wrote

I am disappointed that you are making John Edwards' infidelity a major story.I would have thought that we were past the time when sexual conduct was still news.

Sexual conduct in and of itself isn't news. Infidelity in a public figure is. These people are elected on the basis of promises they make to the voter. Infidelity to one's life partner is pretty much a guarantee that one will not keep troth with strangers.

So yes, unfaithfulness in a politician is news, especially when the unfaithfulness is denied when it is made a matter of public record. That shows the politician to be untruthful as well as unfaithful. All of us have made poor decisions at some point in our lives. That's part of learning and growing up. The decision isn't improved by lying about it. Compounding an error is a part of remaining a child.

Do you, as a voter, believed that you will be treated any better than a person's partner?

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