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Introduction to Habari

Posted by Richard Cockrum on January 22, 2008

This is my test blog for learning and experimenting with Habari.

Habari is a new blogging platform, still early in development. I've found that I've enjoyed working with it, though. A big part of me is a geek, and I like investigating software tools. Most of my work has been done with C++ on the desktop, though, and I know little about PHP or web programming. Habari is still young enough that I can use it to learn both, especially using a database platform I'm familiar with.

I have been spending more time than is good for my other work with Habari, though. My blog, Shards of Consciousness has suffered the most. I've posted there much less than is my wont.

On the other hand, I have picked up some PHP. The theme you see here, Arctic Ice, is the result. It's spare, but I like it.

On the third hand, it has caused some problems. Habari requires PHP 5.2.x to run. Most of my other sites, which are at this same host, run on WordPress, which uses PHP 4.x, which is the default for my host. Whenever I try to enable PHP 5 in my home directory, after a few days all my sites go down. Tech support claims the problem is with one of the scripts I run, WordPress or one of the plugins I'm using. I would think the problem would show up immediately if that were the case, but what do I know? To work around that, I've put Habari in a subdirectory and enabled PHP 5 for only this directory. We'll see how that works out.

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2 Responses to Introduction to Habari

I'm working on it, Michael. :)

Using this setup, I've had a month with no downtime. What I think I'll end up doing is enabling PHP5 in the main directory, then change it back to PHP4 for any subdirectories where I have to keep WordPress.

I have local installs of my theatre website and my software site where I'm converting the themes to Habari. Within a few weeks they should be on Habari.

Shards of Consciousness, my main blog, is another story. My podcast, self-hosted, is growing in popularity, and I really like PodPress for the stats. Until there is good podcasting support in Habari, which I see is planned for May, and a way for me to see at least the same stats PodPress gives, it will have to stay on WordPress.

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