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Habari Project Site Upgrade

Posted by Richard Cockrum on April 3, 2013

The Habari Project website just underwent an exciting upgrade to bring it into the world of the second decade of the twenty-first century. The site got a brand new look, responsive theming for the mobile world, and an addon catalog to make it easy to find and install themes and plugins to your install of Habari.

A great feature of the addon catalog is that it is easy for plugin and theme developers to add their work to the directory, at least if they are using Github as the home of their source code. Full directions are at the addon catalog entry of Habari's wiki , but essentially all you have to do is add a post-update webhook to your repository to let it ping the addon catalog, and the catalog will automatically parse the metadata in the addon's xml file, create a catalog entry and download zip file for it, and let the user download and install your work into their install of Habari. A nice feature of this is that the user can browse the catalog, adding plugins and themes to a shopping cart, and when they're done have all the items they chose downloaded at once.

Looking at the site I see a 'Bundles' menu item, which would allow you to automatically choose a group of plugins and theme to create a site for a specific purpose. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens on that front. Imagine, select a bundle for your small business or personal blog, install it, and just add content.

Best, all this is built on top of Habari. Well done, guys.

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