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Habari 0.4.1 Released

Posted by Richard Cockrum on March 24, 2008

This past weekend the Habari community released Habari 0.4.1.

For all users of earlier versions of Habari, this is an important release. It fixes what may be the number one complaint users had about Habari - in its emphasis on security, you could lose a post if you hadn't been manually saving it as you wrote. Habari now saves form data so we no longer lose the post we've been working hard on..

This version also sees SQLite come of age as a database backend for Habari with several bug fixes and enhancements that improve it's security, should lead to faster data access as the database grows larger, and keeps the database from ballooning in size over time as space is reclaimed when things such as logs and spam are deleted.

See the release notes for details.

You can download Habari 0.4.1 from the Habari download page.

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