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Google Analytics Plugin for Habari

Posted by Richard Cockrum on January 30, 2008

Graham Christensen has released a Google Analytics plugin for Habari.

One of the bits of functionality that most of us want is the ability to get statistics for our sites. Many of us use Google Analytics. This requires us to put a piece of Javascript on each of our pages, usually close to the ending body tag. This isn't a big effort for bloggers, because most of our sites use templates to build the pages. We just throw the code in the footer template, and we're done with it.

But. You have to put that bit of code in the footer template for each theme you use. That's easy to forget when you've been using the same theme for a while and decide to change it. With a plugin, though, you just activate the plugin and the code is automatically injected into the page template. You don't have to change the theme's code. You don't have to suffer the consequences of forgetting to do so.

Thanks, Graham.

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2 Responses to Google Analytics Plugin for Habari

I'll certainly let you know, Graham. Plugins like this that write to the header, footer, or sidebar will be easier, and I hope more common, now that the issues with theme functions are straightened out.

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